META 2.0 Essential Workstation US

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5 years after its launch, the first version of META is now officially discontinued. The reason? Despite being considered the best Workstation on the market, we knew we could do better. And so we did. After years of constant testing and feedback gathering, we released an even more efficient and professional workstation: META 2.0. It is the perfect combination of space optimization, large storage capacity, functionality and design.

Specifically designed for tattoo artists and based on feedback from hundreds of tattoo artists, META 2.0 is the next generation of the highly acclaimed workstation that eliminate all the problems and needs during the tattooing process.

The META 2.0 is the perfect addition to a studio and helps to make a more organized space. In addition, the artist has everything he needs at arm’s length.

This is the version with the US Plug. The META 2.0 also has the version with European PlugSwiss Plug and UK Plug.

New accessories

META 2.0 also comes with a new set of accessories to enhance the quality of the experience. The workstation is entirely designed, developed and produced in Europe.


New Drawer System

The drawer slides now have a locking system that prevents the drawers from opening when the workstation is moved. The artist can move META 2.0 with complete freedom without the drawers moving or opening.


Medical Grade Finish

The META 2.0 has an even more refined and elegant finish than its predecessor. The paint has now been given a rust-preventive treatmenthigh-quality paint, and medical-grade strength. The workstation, which has a steel frame (DC01) with extraordinary durability, now has an equally perfect paint and finish.


Product Features:

  • 4 front drawers – 3 small drawers and 1 large drawer at the bottom
  • 4 highly resistant wheels
  • Integrated power – 4 plugs and 2 USB ports to power your cell phone, power supply, tattoo machine or other tools
  • 1 lock – To protect the material
  • Cable organizer – On the back of the cabinet

Product dimensions (without wheels):

  • Width: 68cm
  • Height: 65,8cm
  • Depth: 50,9cm
  • Weight: 75kg

Dimensions of the front drawers:

  • 1 Large drawer – 56cm wide x 28cm high x 30cm deep
  • 3 Small drawers – 56cm wide x 9cm high x 30cm deep


In order to avoid corrosion and paint damage when cleaning the surfaces of the META 2.0, the user should always make sure that they are using quick-drying, alcohol-free products. Do not use liquid products when cleaning, as improper use can damage paint and corrode steel. Always dry surfaces after cleaning and do not leave any excess liquid on the Meta Workstation.

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Peso 60,000 kg
Dimensões (C x L x A) 68,00 × 50,90 × 65,80 cm
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