Autoclave Sterilix

Autoclave Sterilix

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REF: 5101-006-001

Laboratory steam autoclave completely automatic operating at distilled water with mechanical programmer and sterilization chamber in stainless steel.
Suitable for the sterilization of most laboratory instruments.

1.950,00 + Iva


Autoclave Sterilix

Autoclave Sterilix

  • Sterilization chamber capacity 16 lt.
  • Two sterilization temperatures: 121°C or 134°C
  • Regulation of the sterilization cycles
  • Automatic rotary programmer
  • Drying 3 minutes
  • Automatic selfstop of the resistance at the end of the
  • cycle
  • 50-minutes timer of choice
  • Control panel with gauge
  • Mechanical device with two movements for the door
  • security
  • Thermodynamic vacuum
  • Manual water loading from the top of the device

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