About us

Piranha is a global tattoo supplier.


We are a tattoo, piercing and art supplier.

We started to perform in 2003, with 13 clients, in Portugal. Today, we have almost 5000 all over the world.

Maybe 13 is our lucky number. But much more than luck, what we believe in is hard work and a fierce will to bring the best in tattoo supplies to tattoo and piercing artists, the creative community, other suppliers, and you.

Our hunger is to empower your performance. Bite on.


Operating for almost 20 years

+1 M

Tattoo & Body Piercing supplies sold

+20 k

Customers Worldwide


In the end, we only have hunger for more.

“What would represent better our brand and mindset?”

What is the main representation of a piranha? The true element of the aggressiveness and will power of this great animal? The tooth. It’s the shape of our fearless logo and truly represents our hunger for more.

But the animal and this little element wasn’t the only inspiration to create our Piranha Logo.

Shaped it with the maximum detail, we created it based on 3 main pillars of our core mindset: disruptive, quality and tribe. Without there wouldn’t be reason for us to exist.

In honor to the duality of our brand, our divided logo symbolizes: the business mind behind of our company and the passionate soul for art and culture that we share with our creative community.
In the end, we only have hunger for more. Bite on.
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We have a fierce team always ready to bite.


In the early beginning of Piranha Tattoo Supplies, we only were distributors of other brands from different countries. But The turning point was 2006, when our own Piranha products started to swim towards you and never came back.
Do you still remember our first tattoo needles and black latex gloves?
Today, Piranha shoal embraces these and much, much more: tattoo needles, cartridges, black latex gloves, tattoo machines and so on. We have everything you need to feed your hunger for more performance.
Take a bite on our Piranha products.
Bite on.